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I've been a Natural health and wellness professional for 33+ years, dedicated to the truth about health. I've been researching law and Constitutional issues for about 3 years now, with amazing discoveries. Truth is stranger than fiction. I am dedicated to upholding my past Navy oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign AND domestic... and we have FAR more domestic enemy threats than foreign right now. I created website as a starting place for people to begin learning and teaching others about law and our Constitution because it can only begin at the level of where the power actually rests... with The people. I encourage every one of you to help create a chapter in your own local area, and share material. We have to be DOING in order to be successful.

Monday, December 19, 2005

In order for our country and Constitution to survive, "We the People" must begin educating ourselves and our neighbors on the actual threats we are facing. If we don't act to safeguard our freedoms and the rule of law, we can't possibly expect it to survive.

Our founding fathers warned that the People must maintain steady vigilance on government, or the very government we created would grow to become a beast that destroys people's lives. That has happened and is happening now.

Ignorance is no excuse, and neither is "being to busy." The government powers want people to be so caught up in entertainment and other issues of life that we simply don't look up to see what they are doing.

There are very few people anymore who don't realize that there are serious problems going on, but very few people are willing to stop long enough, take the personal responsibility for the freedom they enjoy, and ACT to support it and resist unconstitutional activities, even if it means personal risk.

Most of us are willing to have our fellow countrymen go off to fight in foreign lands to defend freedoms, but won't lift even a finger to do their part within our own borders. The "risk" in doing so domestically, even against grave wrongs to our own people by our own government, is too much for most Americans it seems. This is a shame, and speaks volumes of the cowardice our people have descended to.

The power "We the People" have is completely overlooked and underestimated. We allow horrible wrongs to continue. We look away when we see and hear of government wrong-doing, and even though we disagree with much of it, WE DO NOTHING as a People.

We claim to be patriotic, yet we do NOTHING
We claim to be Christian, yet we do NOTHING
We claim to be good Americans, yet we do NOTHING.

We blindly cling to foolish party spirit politics created to give us the illusion that we really are making a choice and have some say in things, not realizing that both parties are two faces on the same sick head.

We blindly plod along in life, shackled by unconstitutional taxation in multiple forms, accepting the pain and hurt it causes, yet doing NOTHING about it. We blindly accept fiat money and a "Federal" Reserve which is neither Federal nor a reserve for anything but debt creation and theft of American wealth. We blindly allow the creation of countless "laws" which counter our Constitution and enslave us much as the Pharisees did in biblical days.

We know and care more about our cars, computers, technology, sports and money than we know or care about the very laws and constitution we claim to believe in and uphold, and which allows us the blessing of wealth and technology.

We allow the continued chipping away at our freedoms under the created threats of terrorism and other issues so we can "feel safe." We apathetically expect government to take care of us, just as a baby would expect a parent to change it's dirty diaper. We expect all the benefits of freedom and prosperity, yet most have done nothing to insure that such things continue and are not threatened. We have forgotten our own children's future by continually ignoring the grave warning signs all around us.

We complain about some wrongs, talk about it, moan and groan about it, but do NOTHING about it personally. We like to make excuses that we really can't do anything about it and believe that government is too big and too powerful to fight. Our founding fathers would be ashamed of us all. They would consider us all to be treasonous cowards who do not deserve to have the incredible blessings we have. Billions of people around the world don't have what we take for granted, and would fight to keep what we are frittering away in blind pursuit of pleasure and convenience.

How many of our countrymen have died over the last 250 years to bring us these freedoms? How many of us served our country, (I did) and believe THAT is enough... that their service is enough to safeguard the Constitution domestically? How many died bringing us the Constitution and Bill of Rights? How many were willing to sacrifice in some way to defend freedom for themselves and their countrymen, today, now? How many of us, today, are willing to do anything, even though what we face today is far worse than what our founding fathers fought against in bringing this country into existence? How many of us even know the slightest thing about what the Constitution actually says and means?

The saddest thing, though, is that many will read these words, nod in agreement, believe it is true, and yet, still do NOTHING... not even BEGIN to accept some degree of personal responsibility to educate themselves about the very Constitution that is being trashed. After all, in George Bush's own recent words... "it's just a G.D. piece of paper." That seems to be the American attitude anymore.

Well America, we stand at a crossroads this very moment in our lives. We could still take back our country and freedoms... we could bring back the rule of law... we could insure freedom for our children and ourselves... but it will take the combined effort of all of us to be willing to fight against the tyranny, the police state being implemented, and to re-evaluate our personal priorities, or we WILL lose not only our freedoms and our prosperity, but our country and even our lives to this beast that knows no contentment.

Unless we each are willing to accept some degree of personal responsibility for our government and its actions in this world, we will fail as a nation of freedom loving people. When I see people 70 and 80 years old standing up and doing their part, taking responsibility for their country which they understand THEY legally should rule, and yet, watch the abandon with which the youthful and middle age people pursue selfish interests, ignoring the truth readily available to them, I am profoundly upset and disgusted. They blindly pay allegiance to the masters they have created and allowed to exist.

I can only simply call on every American to wake up out of the slumber they are in, accept the challenge of becoming involved in seeking the truth, seeking knowledge, and seek understanding about their own country and Constitution. Lies are all about us, on every front, making fools of us all. I believe Americans are not stupid unless they refuse to look at the truth, consider it and take action to support it. We can STILL stand together, not as democrats or republicans, but as AMERICANS, getting rid of the chains of the matrix we are bound by.

If any of us really love this country, love freedom, love our countrymen and love truth, then we will see past the blinders of government facades created to control us all, and media pablum dispensed exactly as they want us fed, so we will do exactly what they want us to do, believe exactly what they want us to believe and control us exactly as they require to achieve their perverted, selfish, greedy, maniacal and elite agenda that will never end unless "We the People" end it and take back self governance. Controlling Americans through creating disasters and then playing the emotional cards to manipulate the American mind and will is pure evil.

America, every minute we allow this to continue means we are one step closer to an end that no one wants and that will destroy lives like nothing ever seen before. Be willing to face truth. Be willing to listen to "outrageous conspiracy theories." Be willing to PROVE or disprove what you hear. Don't be the puppet government wants you to be... the mindless, brainless, selfish, foolish and gullible human slave, existing only to serve government appetite.

If you cannot see your slavery, then you are exactly what they made you and you ALLOWED to happen to you. If you foolishly trust all you see and hear, accept what is fed to you, mindlessly respond to the propaganda created to control the unthinking and uncaring masses, and believe "patriotism" is support of your own slavery, then you deserve what you get, but be advised that many do NOT accept this, and you are either for us OR against us, either for the government and against freedom, against the constitution and your fellow countrymen, for being manipulated and laughed at OR willing to stand as a free, sovereign individual with the others of us who WILL fight illegal, unconstitutional, unethical and immoral behavior, wherever it is.

If there is ANY courage left in true Americans, any fortitude, any love for truth, any love of country, NOW is the time to DO something to be part of the solution instead of blindly supporting the problems and the destruction of our Constitution. If you do nothing, YOU, personally, are part of the problem. You, PERSONALLY, are destroying the Constitution and breaking the very laws which brought this great country into existence, and supporting those leaders in government and elsewhere that have one agenda in mind: The total control over YOUR life.