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Taking back our Country. . .
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Please note that the information contained on this site is offered for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. It is not intended to give you legal or any other kind of advice, nor is it intended to lead you into any particular course of action other than to comply with law, and to defend your constitutional rights.

Since ignorance of the law is no excuse, the responsibility of each citizen is to know and understand the Law for him/herself, and then act upon that knowledge.  Any actions you may take as a result of discoveries obtained from this site will be understood to be of your own volition.

The County Guard is NOT against government, attempting to overthrow any government, or leading others into rebellion against the constitution or rule of ORGANIC law. It is means for peaceful uses, but is also prepared as our founding fathers warned us to be.

If after reviewing this information, you still have questions or would like to be put in contact with someone, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Jeffrey T. Maehr